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Best Fire Starter Flare - 12 Pack

Best Fire Starter Flare - 12 Pack

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  • FIRE STARTER AND SAFETY FLARE - This versatile product can function as both a fire starter and signal flare! It can quickly start campfires and bonfires, or it can act as a signal flare for emergency situations.
  • LIGHTS EVERY TIME - The ignition is self-contained and does not require butane, matches, or a lighter to ignite properly. Simply scratch the ignition surface on the top of the flare with the removed flare cap, then set the flare onto the wood in your campfire pit - no matches or lighters needed
  • LIGHTS DAMP WOOD - Rednecks Best Fire Starter Flare really is the ultimate outdoor fire starter. It burns at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 7 minutes and easily lights damp wood!
  • ECO FRIENDLY - The method in creating the fire starter is eco friendly and does not contain any perchlorate chemicals. Perchlorate is harmful to humans and is often used as an oxidizing agent
  • WINDPROOF AND WATERPROOF IGNITION - This fire starter will light in extreme conditions, including high winds and rain. If you need a premium fire starter or signal flare that will perform in the harshest of conditions, then this is the one for you.

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The easiest and cleanest way to start a fire every time